2019 Mystic Maui Retreat

Mystic Maui Retreat

Join us for this 14 Day Adventure
that includes a 10 Day Miracle Cleanse and
Sacred Healing Journey to the Ancient Lands of Lemuria

January 16-29 2019

$4400 – Register for Tour

This Spectacular Tour Includes

14 Day Sacred Alchemist Mastery Immersion
with lots of Healing, Soul Acceleration & Advancement.
Completes w/Day Trip to the Magical Island of Lanai that includes
Whale watching on Ferry both ways & Sacred Alchemy Healing Activations

Rejuvenation, Revitalization, Renewal & Restoration

10 Day Miracle Cleanse at the Temple of Peace in Haiku (normally $5,000) with mornings at Aqualani Day Spa enjoying infrared sauna, herbal steam room, hot tub & cold plunge pool
Enhancing Longevity, Revitalization, Rejuvenation, Restoration & Renewal.
Hyberbaric Chamber Session
Inner Child Healing Session with Shelley St John
IHealth Session with Kedar St John to balance & restore body
Delicious Healthy Meals provided during Cleanse (Soups/Smoothies)

Sacred Healing Adventures

Spectacular Sunset Dinner Cruise to See the Whales with gorgeous views of Maui &
5 star array of deliciously prepared food & drinks!!
Morning & Sunset Walks on Beautiful Beaches
Yoga in Beautiful Wailea Center
Island Sacred Tours including Bamboo Forest,
Seven Sacred Pools, Lahaina Town, Trip to Lanai & more!

14 Day Sacred Alchemist Mastery Training

Woven throughout this life transforming tour you will receive…
Training in Sacred Alchemy: The Inner Transformation of Self, learning, mastering & attaining proficiency in the Art of Self Mastery, Self Actualization & Sacred Destiny.
Includes Powerful Clearings, Divine Code Activations (Immortality, Abundance, Health, Enlightenment) to Anchor Your Divine Presence Physically Within You so you can fulfill a Higher Destiny, bringing out your precious offerings for the world,
Divine Healing Transmissions, Sacred Alchemy Healings and More!

Ancient Hawaiian Healing

Sacred Alchemy Ho'oponopono – An Ancient Hawaiian Ritual of Forgiveness woven with Dr. Aurora Ariel's Sacred Alchemy added in for the deepest transformation, allowing you to cleanse your soul from the wounds & traumas of the past, heal the Inner Aspects creating the distress through all timelines & completely release & let go of all that no longer serves you, setting the energies right with you & others, returning to LOVE.

Not Included

Airfare and transport to lodging
Food & Drinks (outside of what is prepared for you during cleanse)
Lodging (in glorious Wailea Condo or find your own place)
Grand Wailea Terme Spa w/scrub ($75) Optional
Yoga Classes – optional – $20 each
Shared Car Rental (Split with other Attendees)
Ferry Transport to Lanai ($54 RT)


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Spectacular Beyond Belief!!! What Took Place last time: During the whole Sacred Alchemist Adventure, change was rapid and each day a huge piece of our life, world, psychological makeup, body and soul awareness transformed with a massive amount released, cleansed, cleared or simply dissolved before our eyes. The 10-Day Cleanse at the Healing Sanctuary at the Temple of Peace was perfect in the mix! Once again the perfect Divine Plan… as always takes place under the divinely initiated, orchestrated and guided Sacred Alchemist: Adeptship in the New Millennium World Tour. The ease and grace of this one was so nurturing and at the same time, I was undergoing so much change along with those who were with me. – Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD

The Mystic Maui Sacred Alchemist Adventure was one of the most powerfully transformative experiences of my whole life! The magic of Maui along with the support of Shelly and Kadar at the Temple of Peace augmented with the Sacred Alchemy with Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD is an extraordinary formula for very rapid clearing, cleansing, and transformation unlike anything I have ever experienced! I have released lifetimes and lifetimes of beliefs patterns and emotions that truly do not serve me  and with the daily colonics our bodies become lighter lighter actually physically releasing all the debris that we accumulate through the decades. As we let go of layers and layers daily, the magic of mystical Maui with Aurora”s wise guidance allowed us to experience what it is to be in the Divine feminine flow yet balanced and grounded in the masculine. At the end of my retreat I so deeply wished for everyone to be able to have this same experience of rapid, exquisite, joyful, enlivening and invigorating transformation as we all progress on our path to our Soul”s awakening! I am so deeply grateful." – Yana Marie Di'Angelis MDIV, CHT, Certified Yoga Teacher

"Mother Maui has held the space for my transformation through Sacred Alchemy. I have experienced immeasurable blessings and healing from within the depths of myself. Maui has been the backdrop for this transformation. Aurora brought us to the perfect setting to cleanse and revitalize my soul. The Healing Sanctuary at the Temple of Peace provided a love and nurturing for the layers of emotions that came with a 10 day detox. I am leaving Maui and returning home with a love for my self and a greater recognition for who I am. Thank you so much Aurora." – Lucas Garvey LCSW

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