Vision of a Transformed World

Vision of a Transformed World
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

We are in a time of blessed dreams and profound awakenings. Our Inner Light is expanding, and we are held in its sacred embrace, witnessing its Vision of a Transformed World manifesting in our earth experience. The more we make room for this Indwelling Presence, the more our lives are transformed, and the more we are transfigured from an ordinary human into an extraordinary being who fulfills a Higher Destiny and realizes its Full Potential.

We become great under the guidance of this Inner Light. We become powerful and secure. The foundation of our life becomes an empowered anchor point of our Innate Divinity. We realize we are spiritual beings set upon an Illumined Course that allows us to awaken and become who we really are beyond the human programming that has traversed the ages of our past. We are catapulted into a time of great advancement from a deep inner soul perspective. The needs that once kept us feeling unfulfilled recede and we are left with that which really matters to fulfilling our unique Soul Purpose.

We’ve been entrapped in rounds of challenging circumstances that have held us back from our greater destiny. We’ve longed for freedom and yet, have sought it too often in an outer means, while the inner part of us that holds the Code of our True Identity waits silently within us for the time when we will finally come to the inner gates and drink deeply of its Ancient Wisdom.

When we find the Inner Truth that goes beyond all human belief and reasoning, we make a superhuman advancement beyond what we could normally realize trapped in the human limitation we’ve known in the past. We go beyond the bounds of what is humanly possible and the impossible becomes manifest in and through us.

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