Earth 2012-2033 Series

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The Future Unveiled

Enlightening Humanity on the Deeper Truths of the Coming Times

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Earth 2012-33: The Ultimate QuestAwardsticker
How To Find Peace in a World of Chaos

Award Winning 1st book in Earth 2012-33 series

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Cataloging the profound shift presently taking place within the psyche of humanity, Dr. Ariel points to the fact that we are living in unprecedented times! Weaving a blend of sacred prophecies, prophetic visions, and scientific predictions around 2012-33, she unveils a glorious potential that is casting its first rays of light on Earth, illuminating the Dark Night we are presently passing through, and providing a “missing piece” to traversing the challenges of this time.

"This book rises to the heights of poetry, unveiling a majesty of human potential like a torch in the morning light. It adds its brilliance to what is silently arising all around us."–Jonathan Kolber, Circle of Light

"This book will guide you inward to remember your truth and why you were born at this glorious moment in time!" –Jared Rosen, Author of The Flip: Turn Your World Around"This powerful, practical book will guide you through one of the most challenging periods in our collective history. Read it please!" –Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D., N.Y. Times bestselling author of 19 books.

"This book will speak to hearts around the world. It will quicken the Awakening in many people who have tried to make sense of similar experiences. It will bring relief to those of us who have pictured a negative future. It will help others realize the potential that is being birthed within us all in this extraordinary time." -Jack Canfield, Author of Success Principles

E.2012-33.2 Cover 2012-33: Time of the Awakening Soul
How Millions of People are Changing our Future

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The Earth 2012-33 Saga continues with a Journey into the Miraculous as millions of Awakening Souls alter the course of Earth’s Destiny. Weaving a prophetic vision of an Illumined Future, stories of extraordinary encounters, divine visitations, angelic intervention, healing by dolphins and more, reveal the extraordinary time we are in.

"This inspiring, prophetic book speaks to a Soul Awakening that if embraced, can take humanity through a quantum leap into a future Eden that has forever lived as a vision within the hearts of humanity." –John Gray, Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

"A clarion call to consciousness awakening to itself, Earth 2012 quickens spiritual unfolding by lovingly guiding you through one of the most difficult and transformative periods in human history." -–Leonard Laskow, M.D., Author of Healing With Love

E.2012.3 cover 2012-33: The Violet Age
A Return to Eden

The Regenesis that is Birthing a New World

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In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Aurora Ariel leads us into a glorious future potential that is being initiated by millions of people worldwide. From extraordinary encounters to mystical experiences, a quantum shift is taking place in the psyche of humanity. This book takes us further into the mystical side of our present planetary equation and unveils the mystery behind the Violet People and their unique destiny that could turn the tide at the 11th hour. Awakening to their Authentic Selves, the Earth is being terraformed with the Light Consciousness, a Regenesis that is birthing a New World. A Dynamic Treatise on the portents of the Violet Age, an epic revelation of the Inner Code of Divinity being activated in Violet People through a host of extraordinary phenomena facilitating the Great Awakening.

E.2012-33.4 Cover 2012-33: Oracles of the Sea
The Human Dolphin Connection
Extraordinary Encounters, Miraculous Healings and Mystical Adventures

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For the past 33 years, dolphin interactions with humans have increased dramatically, resulting in a host of miraculous stories that include extraordinary encounters, mystical experiences, profound visions, telepathic communications, unexpected healings, life changes, inner transformations, and spiritual awakenings. Amazingly, these experiences are similar to events recorded at the advent of the Golden Age in Greece.

This worldwide phenomenon speaks to a critical time in Earth's history, as awakened from normal lives, diverse backgrounds, and belief systems, the thousands of individuals experiencing these encounters share a common bond and responsibility. Weaving the threads of this phenomenon from its most ancient historical significance into the present, we find we are moving into a future that may yet be our most Glorious Age.

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