Total Life Transformation Program

H033Meditator2012-2-5x7Are you Ready for A Total Life Transformation?

The Secret of Secrets
In every moment you are making choices that are directly affecting your life and future. When you understand the power of the subconscious and how it adversely affects your life, you hold a Master Key to Freedom and Peace. When you have the right tools, you become the Master of your Life, no longer run by your Shadow. It is then you fulfill your highest Destiny Potential.

What is most important to you?
Inner Peace, Health, Financial Well Being, Living with Passion, Harmonious Relationships, Love in the Highest Degree, Greater Success, a Rewarding Career?

Did you know?
The one factor that can keep you from being truly happy is your Inner State? Patterns running beneath your conscious awareness are permeating the way you live and feel about your life and you can change it!

The pioneering work of Dr. Ariel revealed that sabotaging programs run people’s lives and…
they can be changed and lives transformed! Working with countless clients with miraculous results, she is now offering personally tailored Total Life Transformation Programs.

Avail yourself of this powerful program and…
Receive personal healings, activations, clearings and more. This program is guaranteed to change your life!

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This Can Be Your Most Victorious Year Ever!!

Completely transform your life from the inside out working with Dr. Ariel in a personally tailored program for your greatest Soul Advancement. After an initial assessment, an Optimum Health and Lifestyle Plan will be created for you that includes Counseling/Life Coaching weekly and Advanced Healing Protocols that will be chosen from her vast menu. These can include: Miracle Weight Loss (6 week to 3 months program), Relationship Healing, Feminine/Male Empowerment, Healing Abuse for the Last Time, Addiction Release, Mental Wellness through Brain Chemistry Balancing (for those who have suffered mental disorders like depression, anxiety, feeling suicidal, loss of passion and enthusiasm for life, etc) and more. (see protocols below)

Miracles happen in this program, where every area of your life is addressed, self sabotaging patterns, blocks, belief systems, and the pain/baggage that has burdened and colored your experience is cleared. With Aurora’s advanced psychology healing… (TheQuest, Sacred Alchemy, Soul Remedy Healings, Ho’oponopono as inspired), every issue can be resolved, every pattern healed, and the challenging conditions of your life changed. If you want to completely transform your life, this program is for you! Payment plans available upon request.

Over the program, each area of your life transforms as you come into greater mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual alignment and wellbeing. Watch issues fall away as you step free from life sentences of suffering dictated by unconscious patterns and realize your Full Potential. Awaken more fully to who you really are as you step free from who you are not, actualizing your greater potential and fulfilling your Highest Destiny and Life Plan. This program will include some of the following Advanced Healing Protocols in a uniquely designed Total Life Transformation Program for you.

Optimum Health and Lifestyle Plan is included in your TLT program: Dr. Ariel will assist you in creating a personalized plan that can include the following advanced protocols or programs as well as diet, fitness, and nutrition coaching.

Life Coaching/Counseling with TheQuest weekly is included in your TLT program: Watch as your life miraculously transforms from this deep healing that goes to the heart of your life conditions and heals them for the last time, assisting you in Actualizing your Full Potential and Fulfilling your Highest Destiny.

Creating Your Inner Healing Temple Retreat: A powerful Soul Advancing experience where you can then go in meditation to your retreat daily to receive healings, wisdom, assistance, clearings and more.

Many Advanced Protocols can be incorporated and different kinds of sessions included in your TLT program:

Ho’oponopono: The Transfiguring Power of Forgiveness – Personal, Relational, or Life Clearings: This ritual of release, surrender, and forgiveness sets the energies right in your life and relationships, allowing greater unity, harmony and peace, and a higher destiny to be realized. Life Clearings can be from 2-5 hours depending on how much needs to be released. The sessions include cutting the aka cords (negative ties) with other individuals and Dr. Ariel adds in Sacred Alchemy and Soul Remedy healings of unconscious aspects, Power and Soul Retrievals, removal of overlays, entities, and the accumulation of pain, burdens, uncalled for responsibilities and other conditions you have been carrying.

Mental Wellness: A dynamic life changing blend of Inner Healing Work with Dr. Ariel’s cutting edge Brain Balancing Protocol, an advanced Neuroscience blend), both effective in healing underlying causes of PTSD, depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, mental illness, and addictions.

Miraculous Weight Loss: Look Younger and Feel Better Fast, Restoring Your Passion for Living with a Self Confidence that can Make a Difference to your life with this Revolutionary Weight Loss Healing System, abrilliant mix of complementary cutting edge counseling, Neuroscience, and weight loss technologies.

Addiction Release: This cutting edge Neuroscience blend of brain support with TheQuest counseling/coaching heals the underlying causes of addiction, balancing brain chemistry, restoring mental wellness, and removing cravings.

Relationship Healing: Heal the unconscious dynamics playing out in your relationship, restoring the love, harmony, unity and peace so that your life can flourish as you actualize a higher potential together.

Ending Cycles of Abuse: If you have been caught in an abusive relationship, you can step free to find the love you’ve always dreamed and longed for. Weekly empowerment sessions with TheQuest heal the wiring that tied abuse with love, setting you free to never recreate abuse again. Now you’ll have the ability to attract a healthy partner.

Feminine/Masculine Empowerment: Balancing, healing, raising and unifying your male/female sides allows you live your full potential, be the truth of who you are, and fulfill your highest destiny. Relationships can flourish, unity, harmony, love and oneness the result. To actualize your full potential, the deep-seated fears, programs, issues, and baggage must be cleared, allowing your full authentic Self to emerge and take command. In this way you can realize a greater destiny than the fate dictated by your human patterns.

Endorsed by Jack Canfield Author of Success Principles and Co-Author of the Chicken Soup For the Soul Series…

The session with Aurora was a magical and helpful experience. It unblocked a subtle but powerful limitation in my life. I am grateful to her for her work and for her safe and gentle way of being.


Metamorphosis Was Never So Easy!
What You Can Gain From This Program…

A Personalized Optimum Health & Lifestyle Program
Restored Confidence and Inner Peace
Greater Self Mastery, Success, and Well Being
More Love and Happiness
Living your True Soul Purpose
Fulfilling Your Highest Potential
Achieving Your Dreams and Goals

Attain the Life of Your Dreams Now…
Life was meant to be lived in Serenity and Peace
You were born to Reach For the Stars,
Realize your True Identity and Fulfill a Great Destiny.
Isn't it time you Actualized your Full Potential?
Let Dr. Ariel help you now!
Why Wait?

Program Details
Sessions with Dr. Ariel are Normally $250 an Hour
Attend the Program in our Live Virtual Classroom and Receive a 50% Discount

Total Life Transformation Program – One Year – 1 Hour Session Weekly
$1000 a month – 4 sessions a month

Total Life Transformation Program – One Year – 2 Hour Sessions Weekly
$2000 a month – (4 2 hour sessions a month)

Imagine how your life will look in one year!

Give Yourself The Gift that Can Change Your Life!

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