Taming the Shadow

Taming the Shadow
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Virulent emotions, unhappy circumstances, worry, fear, pain and stress… all the voice of a shadow part of us that is continually creating havoc in our lives. This Shadow Self drives us with its unconscious fears and desires. It over runs our consciousness with upsets and distress. We set clear intentions and it sabotages them. We affirm positive ideals and yet, many times manifest so much less.

Your Shadow is a part of you that is unconscious. You only become aware of it when it bursts out in emotions, worry, or fear. When you encounter life challenges, it is this Shadow part of you in your subconscious that is wielding its power in your physical world. The more quickly you address your situation on the subconscious level, the faster you will move through it and the less time you will spend suffering. The key is to take back the power from your Shadow Self and be the master of your psychology.

To do this, you must refuse to let the Shadow run you. The moment it arises, you are moving into action. You are taking command. TheQuest™ Seven Steps is part of a Self Healing System I developed. It provides a way for you to heal each increment of your Shadow as it arises to conscious awareness or begins playing out in your world. When you decide to quell the shadow appearances in your world, you empower your Authentic Self and begin to embody your radiant, powerful, true nature.

Many believe that all they need to do is be a “good” person and that when trying times come, they can rely solely on clear intentions, affirmations, and positive thinking. This is not a formula for changing your life circumstances. It is simply a way to keep your mental body in good health. That you can consciously manifest your dreams and will yourself into greater prosperity and ease is an illusory belief.

Clear intentions are powerful and they are an important part of the equation, but if the subconscious is not in alignment with your intention, outside of a miracle, it’s just not going to happen. You will not lose the weight. You will not restore the love in a challenging relationship. You will not manifest that greater job or higher financial income. Even if your desire does manifest, the situation may quickly unravel until it once again reflects your subconscious programming.

That is why it may have seemed impossible to change the circumstances of your life. Even though you may have tried to mentally coerce yourself out of an addiction, challenging relationship or illness, if you do not address the pattern on the subconscious level, you may gain a lot of insight and understanding about it, but it will not change unless you deal with it directly. Regardless of how clear your intention is, the subconscious will continue to manifest according to its patterning.
Your outer experience is a reflection of your inner reality. Dual in nature, the dichotomy of your life experiences mirrors your inner duality. Your Authentic Self is like a brilliant sun filling your life with sunshine, happiness, and peace, while your Shadow Self is like a Dark Cloud that keeps you upset, stressed, miserable, and burdened.

Where there is harmony, loving, happiness, financial prosperity, and health, this is reflecting your Authentic Nature. Where you suffer and encounter difficulties, the Shadow is running you. The degree that you are living in harmony and peace and manifesting the life of your dreams is the degree to which your Authentic Self is in command of your life.

The more you clear your subconscious patterns, the more your Authentic Self can shine through and positively influence your life. You don’t need to work hard for a living or kill yourself for your dreams, for the real key to happiness, prosperity, and peace lies within.

If you want your life to change, give back the power to your Authentic Self. If you want your life to reflect the higher visions you hold for yourself and your loved ones, then it is time to give the Authentic Self the reins of power in your world. To do this, you must clear the way so that it can wield its power in your life. When allowed its pure expression, there is beauty, happiness, health and perfection. Therefore, a simple recoding must take place within the psyche to allow this natural self to take command.

You must change each inner pattern that is dictating a different way of life. Wherever you are being limited or blocked, there is a sabotaging subconscious pattern ready to heal. Each outer condition has a corresponding inner pattern. Subconscious personalities wired through false beliefs to run false programs are holding each pattern in place. Each pattern is a virus in the human psyche that has corrupted the human computer and it is very powerful, overriding your innate personality.

A virus will continue to raise havoc in your psyche until you eliminate it, and Inner Aspects corrupted by the virus will continue to run the same pattern until you reprogram them. It is a simple equation. Placing positive affirming information into the computer (positive thoughts and affirmations) may have a beneficial overall effect on you mentally, but it will not alter your subconscious programs. You must deal with them directly.

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