Time of the Awakening

Time of the Awakening
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD
The Time of the Awakening is upon us.
 It is a promise that is being birthed within our hearts.
 It is a Vision that sings in our Souls. It is our longing for a better life,
 for a safe future that is our legacy to the precious children of the world
At this time in earth history, humanity is undergoing an unprecedented Awakening in consciousness. This Awakening can be seen worldwide. Its impact can be felt as one travels the globe. We see it in the shifts in every area of life. It is a vast change born of a consciousness that speaks its own language and yet is understood throughout the world because it is written in our hearts. It is an unquenchable fire blazing in our souls.
Against the backdrop of dark potentials, prophecies, and wars, this Awakening is heralding in an unexpectedly glorious future. The key element of this Awakening is the personal transformations taking place throughout the earth that are resulting in great changes in the consciousness of humanity.
At times, the vision of a better future seems impossible, when wars explode and unconsciousness continues as the normal way of life on earth and yet, it is a vision so powerful that it drives us to be our best selves, to find our way through the dark night of our past, to make sense of our life challenges, and to birth a new way beyond our family histories and patterns.
This awakening must be brought conscious by a people who can turn the tide even now at this late date. We have not gone too far. We have not done the irreparable damage to the earth that might be our legacy in the future. There is time for our awakening to know its full birth and for our gifts, held latent within us, to flow forth to a world in transition. We can make a difference, and each one of us must, if the earth is going to know a different future than the one that seems imminent before us.
Whatever is inspiring your own awakening you can be sure that you are not alone. This is a worldwide happening and it is beyond our wildest imagination. While this planetary shift in consciousness is not easily evident from the perspective of the evening news, it is taking place. It is a silent movement within the souls of humanity. A quiet birth, yet infinitely powerful and far-reaching, and each one of us is a part of it. It is a sacred alchemy, taking place within the consciousness of humanity, creating vast changes in our relationships and in our way of life. An inner transformation, it is birthing new potentials for our future because it is bringing us to a more conscious reality, a more conscious way of living and being and because of that it is changing the world.
This rippling effect of inner planetary change is permeating our culture. Catalyzed by an inner flame that is burning brightly within us, it is transforming our thinking and carrying us on a wave of high planetary ideals. It is a fire blazing within us to do something more. It compels us to go deeper to find the hidden messages behind our life experiences, to share the wealth of wisdom we have gathered from our personal journey, and to bring forth our unique gifts and talents. 
In the last century, Eyes of Fire, an old wise woman of the Cree Indian Nation had a vision of the future. She prophesied that there would come a day of awakening when all the peoples of all the tribes would form a New World of Justice, Peace, Freedom and recognition of the Great Spirit. Many prophecies speak of a time when humanity would undergo a Great Awakening and we are seeing this today. 
The human world is awakening to a power within that has been held latent in the psyche. This Indwelling Presence is compelling a new generation of souls to free themselves from everything that is not resonant with their True Nature. Increasing numbers of individuals worldwide have embarked on this inner exploration of the soul, translating it into a movement of positive change so vast and incomprehensible, we’ve yet to see the ramifications of this exponential leap in human consciousness. 
When I was sixteen, I began traveling, with my mother’s blessing, to the far reaches of the world on a quest for truth. During that time I not only explored many diverse cultures, I also received many insights that gave me a clear direction for my life and an understanding of our present age. One insight was a vision of the awakening… 
“A shadow was over the earth, darkness upon every land. Out of this dark night a pinpoint of light appeared and then another, until there were little lights flickering throughout the planet. People were becoming illumined. As they became brighter, the lights became larger. Soon these lights began forming circles of light throughout the earth. These circles of light became patches of light, until finally the whole planet was filled with light.”
Through the years I have witnessed this vision coming true, as people all over the world are waking up, joining groups to facilitate healing and growth, setting up conscious businesses, institutes, and centers, and individuals worldwide are going “green” to help the environment. We are in a glorious time when our inner shift in conscious awareness is translating into a powerful, positive planetary change, the result of which we can as yet only begin to imagine.

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