Sacred Alchemy Energy Clearing

w/Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD & Divine Ones from the Realms of Light
You were born to thrive!!!

$500 – One Hour Session
By phone, via distance healing or in person

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100% goes to our Global Healing Mission
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Each Clearing is Unique and What Your Soul is
Ready to Release under the Direction of Your Divine Self

Your Session Can Include: Soul remedies, auric cleansing, healing of past traumas, removal of human programs, negative energies, entities, overlays, matrixes, limiting beliefs, sabotaging patterns, and self esteem issues, clearing their cause, core, record, memory and effect. You can also receive Divine Infusions, Healing Elixirs, Soul Empowering downloads, Chakra and Aura Cleansing, Soul and Power Retrievals, Ho'oponopono (forgiveness and release of negative aka cords causing negative dynamics with others), Divine Code and other Activations, DNA restoration, Divine Restorative Matrices anchoring your Divine Self fully in your temple, your Divine Pattern for your life, health, relationships, career and finances restored, Divine Healing Transmissions with personal messages, Soul Destiny Readings, and more.

How it Works: Your Soul and Higher Self determine the degree of healing and divine blessings you can receive and the Soul Advancement you are ready for. The Divine Ones and Aurora then work on all that can be lifted, cleared, healed, activated and transformed. Come prepared!!! Set clear intentions. Light candle. Create altar. Write out all that you would like healing and assistance with as well as your heartfelt dreams and Visions for your life.


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