Emerging From the Myth

Emerging From the Myth
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

One of the greatest dilemmas on this planet is that humanity has a core belief that it is innately evil, and so, must be redeemed. The healing of this one facet of subconscious programming could end suffering on earth.

Our subconscious beliefs form patterns, which act like magnets drawing in experiences to support the programming. Beliefs such as “I am bad, I must suffer for my sins, Life is challenging, I must struggle to realize my dreams, I am not worthy,” keep you dealing with a round of challenging conditions. You must heal these core beliefs to experience a different reality.

This healing must first take place within. Then you can move into directed action steps to support the change. Subconscious programs exist below your conscious awareness, so you need more than a mental approach. You may think that if you exert your will and decide to have life a different way, you can manifest that. The truth is, unless you reprogram your internal belief systems, you will continue to experience hardship and strife. They must be healed for you to live an Abundant and fulfilling life and if collectively, we are going to birth a New World that is both opulent and peaceful.

Wherever there is personal or global strife, the unconscious is being mirrored. The best way to deal with personal challenges is to tend to the inner turmoil it causes you, which will quickly your inner peace. From this peaceful place, you will make the wisest decisions for your life. Insights will flash through your mind and you will feel inspired to take actions to support yourself and your loved ones. If humanity understood the ramifications of this powerful inner dynamic, that human conditioning is at the heart of suffering, we could shift the world very quickly and restore peace on earth.

One of the signposts of this new era is the mass exodus from belief systems that perpetuated suffering down the centuries. This Quest for Truth is moving the human race to a new understanding of the soul and its purpose on earth. The myths that kept people feeling they should be punished for the shadow part of their nature is dissolving, as souls awaken to a higher destiny and realize that their unconscious drives deserve compassionate healing rather than torture.

Countless histories of self-abuse and self-punishment have been born from inner beliefs that we are bad. We have suffered greatly at the hands of others and globally, horrendous acts have been rained upon peoples and nations, perpetuating suffering as a way of life.

We have seen these core beliefs translated into the genocide of indigenous cultures, blacks, Jews, and other races throughout the earth, and in plagues that people believed were a punishment because they were bad. We have seen it in the disempowerment of women and the abuse of children.

I call it the Saint Martyr Pattern, a hugely destructive encoding within the human psyche that continually draws in hardship and leaves destruction in its wake. Globally, this collective pattern is so potent; it could translate into the extinction of the human race through a major world war or other calamity in our lifetime. To change this fate, we must make the inner change within.

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