Sacred Love

Empower Your Awakening to Love by Infusing Yourself Daily
over 33 days, 12 weeks or more with…

Divine Healing Activations & Healing Music from the Realms of Light

Divine Inspiration reading a letter a day in the Indwelling Spirit ebook

Positive support reading Earth 2012-2033: Time of the Awakening Soul ebook

Healing & transforming Relationships with TheQuest 7 Steps

product_shot_sacred_love_pkgYour Sacred Love
Self Actualization program includes

• Twin Flame Activation: A Gift From the Elohim of Love, Eros & Amora ($33 Value)
• Purification by the Sacred Fire of Love – Divine Healing Transmission by the Maha Chohan (Audio Album – $25 Value)
• Earth 2012-2033: Time of the Awakening Soul (Ebook – $22 Value)
• Embrace of the Beloved (Music Album – $18 Value)

Bonus Gifts that come with each program:

• TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny (ebook – $22 Value)
• TheQuest 7 Step Self Healing Technique (Audio Album – $25 Value)
• The Indwelling Spirit, an Illumined Pathway to Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace (ebook – $22 Value)

A $167 Value for only $88!

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This Self Actualization program allows you to recode your consciousness, being and world to LOVE. This Sacred Love release can restore the DNA to the Divine Codes, which allows you to embody and fully identify with your True Identity as an Eternal Immortal Spirit, to reset your life to the vibration of LOVE, and to restore your relationship with yourself and others so they can flourish. Balancing the male female sides, purifying and activating the pineal and DNA, clearing the brain chemistry, and healing the underlying causes in the psyche are some of the powerful actions that can occur as you diligently use this daily program to realign yourself with your True Authentic Self, which is LOVE.

Twin SoulsHow to Use the Program:

Daily formula for the greatest success:

While it is always best to tune in and follow your own Divine Direction,
this daily program can give you great success:

Listen to the Twin Flame Activation each morning upon rising (and you can loop it throughout the day quietly in background to amplify the actions and light in your hone or business).

Play the Healing Music every day (can loop it also in your home and business to allow constant healing release)

Play the Purification by the Sacred Fire of Love – Divine Healing Transmission by the Maha Chohan each night before bed

Open a page in the Indwelling Spirit book, or begin from the beginning and read a letter each day from the Inner Creative Self

Do TheQuest 7 steps as issues arise, as you become aware of blocks, doubts, worries or fears, clearing the way for the highest outcome. TheQuest 7 steps are in the book, or you can be guided through the process (track 10 on the audio) – pausing as you write out the answers in each step. You will find you are in your Authentic Self more often… and are gaining mastery over your psychology each time you do a session rather than play out your shadow patterns.

The Sacred Love Program includes…

Purification by the Sacred Fire of Love
by the Maha Chohan

Divine Healing Action: Anchoring the Flame of Love in the Earth, Quickening the Remembrance of Who You Are, Cleansing You and the Earth from all unreality, Transmutation of the False Self and all Schisms in your Psyche in the Flame of Love, Restoring Your Wholeness, Cleansing all Records, Misinterpretations, Blocks, and Disease.

From Maha Chohan: Each time you play this message, a great healing can take place, transforming and uplifting humanity into the Divine Reality ever present for every soul, restoring Eden on Earth. Would you be free, Beloved? Partake of this sacred release of the Fires of Love often and watch as the human self falls away, increment by increment, until you are completely restored to who you truly are, a Divine Being come to Earth with a Holy Purpose. I, the Maha Chohan, known by holy ones as a bearer of the Holy Spirit, with my Holy Angels can cleanse clouds of unreality within you each time you play this message. I come in the Presence of the Holy Spirit, anchoring the Flame of Love into the Earth body. We gather up the clouds of unreality, which most on Earth have been living in. We cast them into the Flame of Love from the Father Mother God, from the Blessed Elohim and the Holy Archangels of Light, the blessed Angelic Hosts, Great Cosmic Beings and Ascended Ones who attend me now. For I can enter the Earth through this message, that this Earth might be free of the false selfhood that was falsely created as each belief was taken on and each schism etched its way into each one's reality.It is time to reclaim your divinity, to awaken and be illumined by the Light of God that never fails to pour its truth upon your soul night and day. For Holy Angels attend you. You are surrounded by light filled beings who care absolutely for your awakening, who give their all for your divine plan to be fulfilled, that you might know the great fulfillment of your soul's vows before you came to this earthly home. Each time you partake of this offering, you can step into the Flame of Love and purify your consciousness, being and world of all the misinterpretations and misconceptions that have beset you and kept you unfree. You can claim your freedom, allowing the Sacred Fire of Love to blaze through your heart, mind, and soul, that you may be cleansed of all records, past, present, and future, all patterns that are less then the truth of who you are. This is a mighty opportunity, to be bathed in the Fires of Love and become new. To remember, through the flame of illumination, your true innocence, the true purity that has never been tainted or destroyed. This sacred part of you remains unadulterated, unmoved by earthly circumstance, untouched and untainted by this world and the dramas and traumas that have beset you. You are free, an eternal being, who shines forth in its true glory all the time. This Eternal Presence, awaits your arrival in consciousness, your memory, your remembrance, that you might reclaim this lost part of you, that dwells in such dignity, knows only honor and truth, and lives in eternity forever more.

Earth 2012-33: Time of the Awakening Soul
How Millions of People are Changing our Future

The Earth 2012-33 Saga continues with a Journey into the Miraculous as millions of Awakening Souls alter the course of Earth's Destiny. Weaving a prophetic vision of an Illumined Future, stories of extraordinary encounters, divine visitations, angelic intervention, healing by dolphins and more, reveal the extraordinary time we are in.

"This inspiring, prophetic book speaks to a Soul Awakening that if embraced, can take humanity through a quantum leap into a future Eden that has forever lived as a vision within the hearts of humanity." – John Gray, Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

"A clarion call to consciousness awakening to itself, Earth 2012 quickens spiritual unfolding by lovingly guiding you through one of the most difficult and transformative periods in human history." – Leonard Laskow, M.D., Author of Healing With Love


Embrace of the Beloved

Profound healing can take place as you experience this Sacred Healing Journey filled with the Celestial Music of Aurora, Bruce BecVar and Kristopher Gabriel.

Sequenced to perfection, the masterful weave of exquisite melodies with exotic vocals bring Peace to the mind, Rejuvenation to the body and Inspiration to the soul, the optimum experience in Regeneration


The Core Elements in the 33 Day Program

TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny
A Revolutionary Breakthrough Self Healing System

by Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

"People would not choose to suffer if they knew this was available."

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Ariel unveils her breakthrough Healing System, the 7 Master Keys to Inner Peace, and a powerful Life Mastery Path. She demystifies the psyche like no other work has done and provides tools to quickly resolve issues, restore harmony in relationships, master your psychology, and heal the scars from your painful past. Through years of pioneering work in the ‘uncharted realms’ of the psyche, she made many landmark discoveries, uncovered the cause of suffering, and developed a cure that could change the destiny of the planet. Distilled into seven powerful steps, TheQuest is designed to accelerate a personal and planetary transformation that could help end suffering on Earth. Inspiring a Journey of Self Discovery that is empowering and life changing, TheQuest unlocks the Secret Code to your True Identity and provides a Key to Actualizing your Full Potential.


"TheQuest is a rarified healing system that works at such a core level, subconscious patterns clear at lightning speed."– Jared Rosen, Co-Author of The Flip and Inner Security And Infinite Wealth

"TheQuest unblocked a subtle but powerful limitation in my life." – Jack Canfield, author of Success Principles and co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

"TheQuest tools are like laser surgery for the soul. The operation is fast, relatively painless and totally effective. People would not choose to live with pain if they knew this was available." – Julie Mara, Business Consultant, Boca Raton, Florida

"TheQuest is like a soul clean up, or 50,000 mile check up for the inner being and the changes are permanent." – D.J. Martinovich, Physical Therapist, Palm Springs, California

"The space Aurora holds for healing is so powerful that one has no choice but to move forward in her Presence." – Randolph Craft, founder, Pacific Planning Institute, Kona, Hawaii

"I felt as if I had been bathed in the serene waters of the Holy Spirit!" – Krstofer, Recording Artist, Ventura, California

"TheQuest allows me to address issues as they come up and transform it at its core in one session!" – Colleen LisowskiBusiness Owner, Maui, Hawaii

TheQuest 7 Step Self Healing System
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

In this CD, Dr. Ariel unveils the 7 Step Self Healing process she developed that can help you quickly resolve every issue, heal every pattern, change every challenge and emerge from every situation victorious. Gently, she guides you through the 7 steps in a healing journey of self discovery, self empowerment and self actualization. As you journal your inner process, you gain greater insights, revelations, understanding and compassion for yourself and others. Self judgments fall away as well as misconceptions and misunderstandings. You emerge feeling empowered, clear and directed, a whole piece to your inner patterning resolved.

"This CD is the breakthrough many have been waiting for,
giving people a way to heal their lives in the privacy of their homes with tools they can use for life."

The Indwelling Spirit
Timely Messages for the Souls of Earth

An Illumined Pathway to Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace
by Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

The resounding echo through this book is that we are loved. Through this LOVE of the Indwelling Spirit we are inspired to see, know, and love ourselves in the way that God loves us. When we love ourselves absolutely, we give ourselves our best life. Embracing ourselves from this Divine Perspective, we live Sacred and Abundant Lives accessing the Great Power Within. As we consecrate the moments of our existence to a Higher Purpose, we allow the Divine Plan for our life to fulfill itself in and through us. Living in the Miracle Consciousness, we enter the Miraculous Life, a sacred and richly fulfilling existence where we uncover Life's Sacred Mysteries, witnessing to the majesty and glory of our Authentic Self as we walk our Highest Destiny Path. A Guide to Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace, the writings in this book inspire us upon an Illumined Pathway to realize our full potential. They unveil the Secret Code to our True Destiny. These Sacred Writings reveal the Majesty and Power of our Innate Divinity and speak to the extraordinary mission we have come to Earth to fulfill at this significant time. Eloquently written through letters from the Inner Self, this book is destined to help awaken and inspire humanity in its next evolutionary leap in consciousness, igniting positive world change and a planetary transformation unparalleled in Earth history swiftly restoring Eden on Earth.

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