Changing the World From Within

Changing the World from Within
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

It is time for us to take the next step in our human evolution, to go beyond the programming and conditioning that has created so much suffering in our world, and to live more conscious, joyous lives, finding the fulfillment that has for too long eluded us. And… we can do it.

In the last century, we saw the beginning of a great change as we ventured into the Last Frontier, the inner world of the psyche. Seeking to understand the human dilemma, and one’s purpose for being here, millions of people have begun to excavate the hidden regions of the soul. This Quest has been empowering and life changing. Discontent with the limited knowledge available to fully grapple with and understand our daily challenges, a grand search has begun that is taking us into a new era.

We are entering a time of conscious co-creation, where we wake up to our responsibility to the planet and become wise stewards of our lives and of the Earth. We are being called to address the human patterns that have limited our creative expression and kept us from accessing our full potential, so that we can adequately address the challenges of our present planetary equation.

While many of us long for a better life, our everyday situations weigh heavily upon us. The endless round of financial struggles, personality conflicts, health issues and relationship dynamics keep our attention away from the grander purpose in life. Enmeshed in the struggle, we fail to comprehend the deeper meaning behind our existence. Living under stress has become a way of life, while true happiness and inner peace continually elude us. We want to end suffering on the planet but we cannot seem to stop the misery of our own personal circumstances. Ever-new challenges continually arise, the strain increases, and we continue to live unfulfilled lives.

The discontent rumbling in the psyche of humanity is a catalyst for world change and this is happening inside of each one of us. This discontent inspires a longing for something more, for that seemingly unattainable dream of peace and a sense of rightness about our life and reason for being here. That is when the inner quest begins. In those moments of greatest struggle, when we are faced with surmounting difficulties, our soul cries out in anguish so loudly we must take notice. The world, with its constant clamor for attention recedes and we turn our attention within.

As we move our awareness away from the outer world, a grand exploration begins. Listening to our emotions, we begin to tap into our feelings. Going further inside, we find a part of us that is hurting, that is the one calling out in pain. We begin to get an image of this part of us. “She is broken down, sad.” “He is carrying a heavy burden, like a huge boulder.” “She is hurt and angry.”

These inner images make us curious to go beyond the barriers our lack of knowledge has erected, into an inner world we’ve never traversed before because we have not known how to adequately deal with our emotional upheavals. Religious doctrines have labeled them as bad and yet, no matter how good we try to be, in any given moment, we can change from happy to sad, content to miserable, loving to hateful, or from peace to rage no matter how strong our intentions are. This has troubled us when prevalent doctrines on the planet tell us we are sinners and evil at our core.

As challenging conditions accelerate on the planet, we can no longer ignore the painful voices that arise from within. They are too strong. Virulent as hurricanes, they overwhelm our conscious awareness, holding us in a vise-like grip to the point where our shoulders contract and our stomachs become sick. We cannot function, we cannot think, and our decisions become fear-based as we are flung into a fight for survival.

We have not known how simple it is to effectively deal with this part of us or really what part it is. We have believed we are our emotions and that we had to keep our emotions locked inside where they can’t do any harm. Meanwhile, they are eating us alive and making us ill.

This has been an area of research and discovery over many years that brought me to the heart of the matter. I reveal all in my book, TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny. In it, you will find a complete Healing System that includes a seven step process that can bring you from upset to peace in minutes, while healing the underlying pattern creating your life challenges. It’s a powerful way to support yourself in living your full potential.

The Inner World must be addressed, our deep wounds excavated, and our Shadow Nature healed. When this takes place, our lives transform from within. Our natures are refined and we find ourselves Self Actualized, living our full potential. This has a rippling effect, shifting relationships, transforming our businesses, and restructuring our communities, changing the world for the better.

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