2017 The Oracle Sacred Destiny Cruise

The Oracle Sacred Destiny Cruise
A Sacred Healing Journey of Awakening

Through the Ancient Temples & Islands of Italy & Greece

September 9-20, 2017

12 Glorious Days of Self Discovery, Self Realization, Self Empowerment,
Healing, Transformation, and Soul Advancement

Rise into the Glory of your Authentic Self
Bring your Voice and Sacred Offerings to the World!

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doric_temple_aof_aphaia__aegina_islandCome with us into the Sacred Lands on a Journey of Healing, Self Discovery, and Self Empowerment. Learn of the Sacred Mysteries while traversing exciting ancient histories. Receive timely Alchemical Keys to help you stand in your Authentic Power and Actualize your greatest potential. Feel the weight of human patterns lift off as you are set free to be all that you truly are. Private Sacred Time will be provided at many of the sites as well as divinely orchestrated blessings and healings. Special attention is given to assist your Transfiguration so that lifetimes of patterns can fall away.

This is a rare opportunity to experience an unparalleled leap in your soul evolution, where you are empowered to step more fully into your Authentic Self and bring your Sacred Offerings to the world.

da4f39e2c3460119ed6c4464fcffe1bfAwaken fully on this Sacred Healing Journey to the most cherished mystical sites where we will be exploring a remarkable ancient civilization with its Sacred Healing Traditions, fascinating history of Oracles and Priestesses, Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine, a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses, Olympia and its legacy to a world. We will delve deeply into the powerful influence Lemuria and Atlantis had on this advanced culture and the world, visit the Dolphin Temple on Delos exploring the significant influence dolphins had on humanity at the time when Greece entered her Golden Age, a history that is repeating itself in our time. We will also experience other exciting histories at temples, palaces, and historic sites in Greece including 4 islands in the Aegean Sea.

Immersing ourselves in the mystic beauty of this spectacular journey, a GRAND TRANSFIGURATION can occur as we release our ancient past and undergo a major SOUL ADVANCEMENT, emerging our most Glorious Selves.

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