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Praise for the Earth 2012-33 Series


This book will speak to hearts around the world. It will quicken the Awakening in many people who have tried to make sense of similar experiences. It will bring relief to those of us who have pictured a negative future. It will help others realize the potential that is being birthed within us all in this extraordinary time. After working closely with Dr. Aurora Juliana Ariel on this project and personally experiencing TheQuest, I am excited to see the powerful ramifications this book will have on people around the world. —Jack Canfield, Author of Success Principles and Co-Author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul Series

This inspiring, prophetic book speaks to a Soul Awakening that if embraced, can take humanity through a quantum leap into a future Eden that has forever lived as a vision within the hearts of humanity. —John Gray, Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

A clarion call to consciousness awakening to itself, Earth 2012-33 books quicken spiritual unfolding by lovingly guiding you through one of the most difficult and transformative periods in human history. ––Leonard Laskow, M.D., Author of Healing With Love

This book rises to the heights of poetry, unveiling a majesty of human potential like a torch in the morning light. It adds its brilliance to what is silently arising all around us. —Jonathan Kolber

This book will guide you inward to remember your truth and why you were born at this glorious moment in time! Jared Rosen, Author of The Flip: Turn Your World Around, and Inner Security And Infinite Wealth

This powerful, practical book will guide you through one of the most challenging periods in our collective history. Read it please!—Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D., NY Times bestselling author of 19 books.

In this exciting book you are immediately transformed by Aurora’s passionate wisdom and captivated in a fascinating wake-up call to humankind. This masterpiece is a must to read! —Karina Schelde, Author of Soul Voice

This book is filled with love, clarity, and reverence… a breath of Light and air. It is a wonderful offering! Truly Inspiring! What a gift!  It is food for the soul. —Allan Cohen, Author of 20 books including The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

In the book, Earth 2012-33: The Ultimate Quest, Aurora Juliana Ariel graces us with the wisdom and inspiration of her clear channel to Spirit. The truths that we hear in her writing are echoes of the free, expansive and Radiant Being that is the Eternal Self. We are fortunate to have pure souls like Aurora on this planet to remind us of who we really are. Her book is a great gift for those who would travel the path of spiritual transcendence, awakening and its abiding peace. —Kamala Allen, PhD, Author of A Woman’s Guide to Opening A Man’s Heart.

This book is so full of light! Our collective objective as spiritual beings is to increase the vibratory rate of all whom we come in contact with and to those whom we reach out to. The energy field this comprehensive body of work emits is very empowering and humanity will benefit greatly from it. In a world shrouded in darkness, it will help to light the way to peace, love and understanding. —Bruce Robert Travis, Author of My Past Life As Jesus: An Autobiography Of Two Lifetimes

Aurora’s work goes directly to the core issues that humanity needs to address in order to shift into the new paradigm. Her experience and insights into the evolution of the soul shines a healing light and balm into areas of the human psyche that need healing, transmutation, and release. Her techniques for clearing and raising our frequencies to accelerate our process of Self-Mastery and Ascension are most effective and transforming. —Aeoliah, Composer, Author, Reiki Master

An inspirational book that will help give you guidance and inner peace in a world filled with so many adversities, Dr. Ariel will bring balance to your world through her writings. —Mariah Napenthe Brown, owner of Da Kitchen Restaurants, and daughter of Dr. Ariel

Words cannot adequately express the wisdom, majesty and beauty of the inspired information in this book. As I read the uplifting and empowering words, I “feel” how important it is that this wondrous message be distributed far and wide to awaken and empower the millions of people that have been waiting for these words all their lives.  It is sacred work!  Humanity is at a time of ripeness for this awakening. This book of spiritual teaching and encouragement can help facilitate this awakening. This exquisitely beautiful work will truly enlighten the world. —Sharon Huffman, Contributing Author of Ten Traits of Highly Effective Teachers; and Chicken Soup For the Soul

This exquisitely crafted body of knowledge is a profound embrace of the spiritual history of humanity, offering insights into the power of TheQuest to conquer all obstacles… returning us quickly to the joyful expression of our Divine Nature. The triumphant arrival of the long-awaited Violet Race is celebrated as we traverse the Divine Romance of the journey of our hearts through time. The story of The Great Adventure is our true story, for we are the Heroes of the new Heaven on Earth. For all who wish to undertake the challenge of this time of transformation, this book is a guide and a blessing! —Mirra Rose, Internationally renowned Spiritual Teacher and Healer

I have just read Aurora Ariel's book Earth 2012-33: The Ultimate Quest. I got a spiritual uplift from reading the content and a reminder that "my world" is determined by myself and the Inner Aspects within me. I thank Dr. Ariel for her boldness, in writing, in life in general and her views of spirituality in Today's world. Her technique of looking within ourself to unlock our subconscious patterns that hold us back from being who we really are – our full potential – is unique. It shows me that my existence is determined by me and the inner aspects within me. I also appreciate what Aurora shares about her own struggles & triumphs, her boldness in writing and in Life. Thank you, Aurora for being yourself. —Chris Brown in AZ

An uplifting beautifully written book, with much more than prophecies and predictions, Earth 2012-33, The Ultimate Quest, reminds us of our mission, our destiny, and most importantly, that the world needs us. —Marci Winters, editor for the Maui Vision magazine, writer, screenwriter, director, and producer.

The Earth 2012-33 Series of books have brought me hope and tools I can use to further change my life. Tools for awakening, uncovering, and healing my Shadow Self. The books call to me, challenging me to heal my lifetimes of shadows and seek to fully enter my rightful Authentic Self. This allows me to meet my full potential face to face, by using Miracles of The Quest. —Linda Camarata, LPN, Phoenix, Arizona

2012 is prophesied by many to be the end of the World, but what does it mean on a spiritual level? Earth 2012-33: The Ultimate Quest – How to Find Peace in a World of Chaos encourages readers to embark on a personal quest to push themselves to find inner peace. With many ideas fresh and new to readers throughout, the Earth 2012-33 series, would be excellent reading for anyone who feels like their lives are at the end times, and thinks it could be better. —Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) (also posted on Gave a 5 Star rating.

Congratulations and thank you for sharing these wonderful discoveries with us – it reads like a very precious spiritual guide and such insightful journey into the realm of the soul and psyche. I wish you great success with it – it vibrates like a bestseller! —Marius Michael George, Artist

I have read Aurora's first book in the Earth 2012-33 Series. My opinion? It is amazing, it is a treasure, it is true, and it works. If there is one book you should INVEST your time and energy (your pearls) in learning for the times in which we live, it is in Earth 2012:The Ultimate Quest. Aurora is a great writer because the book is easy to read and understand. This is what a great write can do. I can't wait to read her next, newest book. And her music… is Heaven on Earth. Skip the Latte this week and get her book and CD. —Dorlon Peckham

Earth 2012-33: The Ultimate Quest winning a Visionary Award is so exciting!! Your book is so revolutionary and such a blessing to the planet. —Bernadette Jean Marie, Health Practitioner, Ojai, California

Hello from Australia. I am reading your amazing book, Earth 2012-33: The Ultimate Quest. I love it! There is something about you. I went looking in this shop for something I wasn't sure what for, and your book made me buy it. The pieces fell into place as I began to read. I needed to know about TheQuest. —Zoey Loizou, Melbourne, Australia

This is beautiful! The book design is elegant, your words profound. Congratulations! You created a great cover, and with such powerful high praise your presentation looks like an "Oprah must read". —Mark Mackay


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