Creating Your Inner Healing Temple Retreat

H119Mosque-7x5webYour Inner Healing Temple Retreat

Have you wanted to connect more deeply to your
Divine Sponsors, Inner Divine Self, Spirit Animals and/or Power Allies?

Receive Healings Direct from Your Own Inner Experiences?
Restore Yourself at your own Sacred Sanctuary that you can Frequent Often as You like?

Where you can…

Bathe in Healing Pools of LIGHT
Drink Healing Elixirs
Receive Healing from your Inner Healer
Meet with Your Divine Sponsors
Receive Timely Assistance with Life Dilemmas
Project Your Dreams and Ideals on Your Screen of Life
Receive Divine Support, Insights and Wisdom Daily

With Aurora’s guidance, your Inner Healing Temple is created,
Where you are introduced to your Divine Sponsors, Inner Healer and Divine Self,
And everything is set up for you to receive all the
healing and soul advancing blessings that are there for you.

Are you ready?

Many Magical and Miraculous Experiences

Await You at Your Inner Healing Retreat!

“It has been such a JOY to open up this Sacred Offering for many around the world, who in reconnecting so personally with their Inner Divine Selves and meeting their Divine Sponsors and Spiritual Allies, find comfort in the guidance, healing, and upliftment that is there for them. Knowing that we have all this support is a tremendous comfort. It is always there for us. It is only a matter of setting up things right so we can daily receive it! Let me know if this is an experience you are ready for. It will be the GREATEST JOY helping you create your Inner Healing Temple.” Love and Blessings, Aurora

H072MandalaMagenta-5x7-1Session Details
Sessions with Dr. Ariel are Normally $333 an Hour
4 Session Special for $250 an hour

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