Aurora Juliana Ariel Bio


The Oracle
An Extraordinary Mission & Sacred Destiny

Healing Lives, Actualizing Potentials, Empowering Destinies

Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD has been a Vessel of Healing and Voice of Positive Change since her teens when she was awakened to a planetary conscience, remembered her destiny on Earth, and received a Divine Sponsorship that has inspired her Global Healing Mission. Her brand of alchemy is the sacred sort, yielding a gold one can only discover within. Pioneering doctor and scientist, author and musician, entrepreneur and producer, mystic and healer, Aurora is a Renaissance woman for the New Millennium who cares deeply for our world and has given her life in service to the advancement of humanity. She holds a BA, MA and PhD in Psychology, over 38 certificates and degrees in Advanced Healing Modalities, and is a Kahuna in the Morna Simeona Lineage, the successor of Kahuna, Shaolin Grand Master Pang.

Through her pioneering work in the psyche, she unlocked the codes of suffering and has set countless people free across the planet from what would have been life sentences of suffering in conditions that were once thought incurable, unchangeable or irreversible. Curing three incurables in herself and everything from addiction, patterns of abuse, mental illness, trauma, and other challenging conditions in others, she has trained many in the Art of Sacred Alchemy and how to attain freedom from the matrix of human programs creating havoc in this world. As an Oracle and Priestess of High Degree, she brings timely messages from the Realms of Light and helps recode the matter planes to Divine Perfection.

She was awakened in her teens and trained by masterful beings in Higher Realms who have helped guide her destiny. She entered a mystery school in her early twenties, which she attended for 14 years, and headed a mystery school on the island of Oahu in her 30’s. Her mystery school teachings have continued in many forms. She offers Sacred Alchemist Mastery Intensives at sacred sites around the world, private healing retreats in Sedona, and programs and courses by phone accelerating the Soul Advancement of those who have come to fulfill an extraordinary destiny. With her graduates, she is serving the Global Community through the virtual Center for Advanced Healing, providing a vast array of healing sessions, readings and other offerings.

Setting a high vibrational template for the world, her greatest joy is anchoring Heaven on Earth in her own life experience as well as creating a host of life transforming multimedia productions to uplift and inspire lives, actualize potentials, and empower destinies. She has released over 100 books, music, audios and videos of a highly beneficial nature. She produced a successful 7 year prime time TV show in Hawaii called Quest For Truth. In 2017, she produced and hosted The Oracle: A Voice of Positive Planetary Change weekly radio show and Sacred Alchemy monthly TeleSeminars. All of her offerings bring forth timely knowledge for an Awakening World coded to accelerate the Ascension and restore Eden on Earth.

Coming to understand the holographic nature of the planet and how our outer reality is a reflection of the inner condition in the psyche of humanity, she has worked with Hosts of Light since her teens to help end suffering on Earth, moving humanity on ever more beneficent timelines into the Illumined Future that is encoded in Awakening Souls worldwide. She found that every adversity can be transformed and dark elements in the psyche easily healed. Her clients are able to quickly step free of the most traumatized past without any downtime, as 'inner aspects' are completely transformed. Powerful healings on every level and area of their life take place in record time as the person is restored to their Innate Divinity, while the healing expands to include the freeing and advancing of their loved ones, family members, and all humanity. Her monthly Global Healing Forums with the Hosts of Light further this work with mass healings activating the latent Divine Codes in humanity, accelerating the Ascension in Awakening Souls worldwide, freeing the planet and people of dark matrixes, and helping end the Reign of Darkness that made Earth a Sorrowful Star.

Aurora believes absolutely that all dire potentials can be transformed and that we can make a safe passage to a more enlightened world without having to suffer needlessly, which she has seen is the greater Divine Plan. She has proven this art time and time again with great success and many dire potentials have been averted that once seemed set in stone, including personal disasters, potential losses, virulent storms, droughts, economic and other conditions. Her journeys into the future as well as her communions with the Divine Realms of Light have given her an exceptional view on current planetary affairs, the extraordinary mission of Awakening Souls worldwide, and the glorious future that is before us.


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