Sacred Alchemy Ho’oponopono

The Transfiguring Power of Forgiveness

This ritual of forgiveness, surrender, letting go and release sets the energies right in your life and relationships, allowing greater unity, harmony and peace, and a higher destiny to be realized. Sessions are normally 1 hour, though can go longer depending on the complexity of the situation.

Heal and/or Release Challenging Relationships
Restore Inner Harmony and Peace
Release Yourself from the Painful Past
Step Free Into a Greater Sense of Who You Are
Take Dominion of Your Life and Destiny
Open to the Abundant Life that is your Divine Birthright
Claim the Joy that is Waiting for You

The Royal Treatment: A Total Life Clearing: These are a usually 2-5 hours depending on how much needs to be released. This allows all the accumulation of pain, burdens, overlays, and over sense of responsibility you’ve been carrying to be cleared. The sessions include cutting the aka cords (negative ties) with other individuals allowing a powerful healing of all your relationships. Dr. Ariel adds in Sacred Alchemy and Soul Remedy healings of unconscious aspects, Power and Soul Retrievals, and removal of overlays and entities, and Divine Healing Transmissions, as well as clearing of home and lands as needed.

Aurora was trained by Shaolin Grandmaster Pang (a Hawaiian Kahuna in the Morna Simeona Lineage) beginning in 1991 after he had visions that she would be healing people all over the world upon meeting her. He then proceeded to pass the knowledge and upon graduation, the Kahuna succession to her. Even though it is meant to pass to a family member, he saw she was Soul Family and that she was to carry the mantle forward.

H072MandalaMagenta-5x7-1Session Details
Sessions with Dr. Ariel are Normally $333 an Hour
4 Session Special for $250 an hour

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