Redemption of a Planet

Redemption of a Planet
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

The grave challenges of our present world condition are driving us to seek answers and to find a way out of the immense planetary dilemmas we are facing. A grand excavation is taking place as the mysteries of the human psyche, are at last, unlocked. Awakening to the truth, the light of a new conscious awareness pierces the veil that has kept humanity disempowered and disconnected from their Source. Illumination is replacing the Dark Night. Healing our subconscious patterns is ending the Reign of Darkness. The cause of suffering is being cured from within and soon, it will be a faint memory in the minds of a future race who have learned how to live in their Authentic Reality.

The sun of a new era is rising. A golden glimmer reaches us from a not too distant future and bathes us in its peaceful radiance. A profound personal and planetary transformation is underway, a keynote of this New Millennium. Together we are moving in harmony towards a New Future, guided by an inner Vision of a Transformed World. A unique planetary destiny is calling us, delivered by millions of Awakening Souls worldwide. We are birthing Eden, a glorious planetary reality born from an inner world of transcendence and light, which is our Edenic Nature.

Our Inner Quest is taking us into the realm of spiritual psychology to find the answers to the many dilemmas we are facing. When we live out patterns passed down to us through our family lineage, we reap the same challenges and unhappiness. Our fate becomes predetermined as we relegate ourselves to the same misery, hardships, and suffering our ancestors endured and then as if that is not enough, we carry forward our family patterns to the next generation. This never-ending wheel of human strife has caused immense suffering, as the ‘ills of the fathers’ pass down to the children. Beneath our conscious awareness, patterns are creating a reality that is contrary to the harmony and peace of our True Nature. Translated on a global scale, humanity remains lost in the continual outplay of human conditioning, rarely glimpsing the life that was our legacy in the Garden of Eden.

In past generations, people did not have the vast body of knowledge we have today. Nor did they tools to address their issues or work on their patterns. The psyche was a mystery yet untapped. When facing challenges, people in the west felt that a stern and unforgiving God was punishing them for something they had done. They would flounder through trying circumstances sometimes barely making it through. The belief that they were sinners along with the threat of hell became a schism in the psyche of many people seeking answers through religion.

In the east, a difficult passage was one’s “karma” for being bad in a previous life. Behind each life challenge was an accounting system that was being skillfully administered. Having been found “wanting,” they now had to pay for what they had done even though they could not remember what that was. In both cases, ‘Redemption through Suffering’ has been the theme and this has played out in countless violent and harmful ways until earth has become known as a place of suffering, where one pays their penance, hoping to gain entrance into Heaven or a better world.

For years, I have been intensely committed to finding out the truth behind suffering. Is there really a Deity in charge, remanding wayward souls to a penal colony of suffering? Is suffering the Will of God? This quest took me on journeys into the psyche where I made discoveries contrary to prevalent societal and religious beliefs. What I discovered gave me a completely new understanding of painful circumstances and their origin. I found in each case the responsibility with the individual, not with an outer force, accounting system, or deity. There was no one out there relegating the person to painful situations. Contrary to popular opinion, I found that there is no true victimhood. There is always a subconscious component to the challenges we face and a level of responsibility.

We must address our inner pain, if we want the world to change around us. This is the only way we can release ourselves from the rounds of ‘karma’ dictated by our patterns. When we heal our lives, we open the way for a higher destiny to unfold.
Redemption of our planet must take place, because we have entered the 11th hour. This will take place either through massive cataclysms or a shift in human consciousness. The choice is ours. It’s not too late to wake up. We can free ourselves from this programming and restore this Sorrowful Star back to Eden.

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