We Are in the Time of Change

We Are in the Time of Change
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Many people today are delving deeply into their psychology. They are searching within to find the answers to their life dilemmas rather than blaming God as others in the past have done. When you realize your patterns have created the unhappy circumstances in your life, not a fate dictated to you by God, or a punishment for what you did in another life, you begin a journey of self-discovery that can free you from the rounds of ‘karma.’ By karma, I mean, the challenging conditions in your life.

Outer challenges serve us by calling our attention to an inner condition. This can come through challenging relationship dynamics, health concerns, financial constraints, setbacks, and loss. These situations trigger an emotional response that is like a flag waving in the wind trying to get your attention. The more quickly you focus inward on how you are feeling, the swifter the healing process can begin. Dwelling in emotions or uncomfortable thoughts only prolongs the misery, and while pouring out your pain to others may bring some relief, it will not facilitate the healing and resolution that the deeper work can provide

The Bible states, “The sins of the fathers are visited on their children.” This teaching seems cruel until we realize that what is meant is that patterns run for generations down family lines and only stop when they are finally healed. Until that time, the same misery, the same impotence, the same anger will plague families, and innocent children born into each new generation will continue to be infected.

Each child being born into the world has a Divine Plan, but the human patterns it takes on from its family lineage, along with the conditioning it receives from its own life experiences colors and corrupts that plan. Instead, life becomes a series of challenging experiences, where people feel lost and out of touch with their True Selves. Most humans go through life with a mistaken identity, believing they are their personality traits and patterns, so they become machines moving to the dictates of their programmed conditioning rather than being vehicles of their Divine Nature fulfilling a higher plan.

The human programming within the subconscious literally corrupts the Divine Intention innate within each living being, just as the unconscious human existence on earth is corrupting the perfection of the Nature Kingdom. Crystal waters now run brown throughout the planet. We must add chemicals to cleanse water that was once pure and unpolluted so we can drink it. Our air is causing health challenges because of our industries, and storms are growing more virulent because of global warming. This is all reflective of a humanity who is living unconsciously, following a human rather than divine pattern.

To fulfill the glorious destiny meant for us, we must first return to the Authentic Selfhood, which is our Divine Birthright. This part of us must be excavated from beneath the human conditioning we have taken on. Then we
can live from our True Nature and fulfill a higher plan. When we restore ourselves to our True Authentic Power, we will then take our rightful place, as empowered citizens of this world. Through this empowerment and its actualization in our physical reality, we will see the end of suffering on our planet.

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