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Are you longing for a Sacred Site Adventure in an exotic location in the world?

The Sacred Alchemist
Adeptship in the New Millennium Retreats & Tours
with The Oracle

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Mystic Maui Sacred Adventure w/10 Day Cleanse – Sold Out!
Emerald Isles Mystic Tour in Ireland (Almost full!) – May 2019
Sacred Destiny Sedona – October 2019

Mystic Maui Sacred Adventure w/10 Day Cleanse – Jan 2020
Sedona Private Healing Retreats

Are you ready for a Total Life Transformation where you unleash the Power Within to recreate your life in Divine Perfection?Life

Mastery, Sacred Healing, Divine Destiny

Step into your Authentic Power
Enjoying mystical, magical, miraculous adventures
in the glory of Sacred Sites.
Take an unparalleled leap in your Soul Advancement
finding greater PEACE as you align with your innate divinity
live your Highest Destiny Potential and
Blossom fully into the glorious being you are

"If by some synchronicity you are able to find The Oracle, your life will change absolutely. Under her guidance, unconditional love, and deep caring along with her expert knowledge helping you step free from adverse conditions, rapid transform become a living tangible reality. Your life will never the same as age old barriers and inner constructs are removed that have kept you from living your full potential. Now you will be free to live fully and absolutely your Authentic Self, empowering a higher, nobler way of life."

Ongoing Education & Other Credits/Deductions
May be Available from these Advanced Psychology Intensives

Travel Insurance Highly Recommended as there are no refunds given the cost of arrangements made on your behalf



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