The Oracle’s Awakening

As I was awakened in my teens, I became aware of many glorious beings in the Realms of Light who are working lovingly on behalf of our planet. Soon I was able to frequent those realms and received divine visitations, guidance, teachings and trainings from that earliest time. My divinely directed pioneering work in the psyche led to many landmark discoveries, including the cause of suffering, which inspired me to bring forth a remedy for an awakening humanity in a host of advanced healing protocols, programs, courses and products.

Over many years, working with the most impossible cases who somehow were able to find me, I developed a powerful way out of the human programs that have strangled and entrapped humanity, causing so much suffering on Earth. This is Sacred Alchemy, the Inner Transformation of Self. I also received an unparalleled divine sponsor- ship and powerful Alchemical Keys to the Ascension from many Illustrious Ones I have come to know as my teachers, allies, and friends in the Higher Realms. As increased numbers avail themselves of these Alchemical Keys, healing and transforming their lives and showcasing a way out for humanity, many more will be inspired to join in transforming our world.

Training students and facilitating Sacred Alchemy sessions, I've been able to help countless individuals across the planet step free from what would have been life sentences of suffering. Through this healing work, I've witnessed so many people actualizing a greater potential and fulfilling a higher destiny than their human programs would have dictated. I have done this for myself, my family and loved ones, witnessing miracles all the time. Delving deeply into the psyche, I found a more accurate account of Earth history and learned that many of us born into this time are from Higher Realms. We are not the ones who have been slowly evolving over time here. We embodied to restore the Earth, change the future, and upgrade the planet, which would initiate a more Enlightened Era. It was under a glorious divine plan that we took on an encoding from other souls who would not have been able to make this leap in evolution as quickly as we could, even with the human programs we had to overcome. Turning the tide on dark potentials facing humanity, we would help avert a disaster as cataclysmic as previous ones that had completely devastated the world.

To accomplish this great feat, we would need to delve deeply into the psyche, addressing the patterns and beliefs we had taken on so that the cause of suffering could be healed from within. This would initiate an Ascension unparalleled in Earth records, bringing us into ever higher aspects of our Authentic Selves, who would in turn, alter the future and bring us safely into a Golden Age, ending the Reign of Darkness that had terrorized a planet for aeons, eradicating suffering on Earth. In this, I believe we're doing a great job. The world is transforming at lightening speed and blessings are abounding. The future is not the same since we arrived. I call those of us who came to accomplish this mission the Violet People, while our brothers and sisters remained behind to assist from Higher Realms, many of whom are known and revered East and West for their great offerings to the world. Their commitment to help us in this time is great.

The advent of this mystic Violet Culture on Earth is unprecedented. Many Violets are remembering who they are, connecting with their home- land in the Heavens and a host of Illumined Ones who are helping serve the Great Cause. As we raise in consciousness, we become Vessels of Light and Healing for the planet. Riding the Ascension Wave, we are reaching ever new higher planes and dimensional realities, which is opening us to enchanted kingdoms filled with fairies, sylphs and other beings of light as in past enlightened eras. We are not alone, nor have we ever been. Neither are we the patterns that have run rampant in us. We are here for the sole purpose of transforming the darkness of this planetary home and system of worlds. As we do this Sacred Work, the future is changing exponentially before us, growing more and more beneficent with each clearing, fulfilling the Grand Mission that drew us to this Earth Realm. In many visions starting in my youth, as well as journeys into the future under hypnosis, I have seen the world transformed and the victory won in a glorious Golden Age of Light. It is right there before us!

I am excited to bring forth Alchemical Keys to the Ascension, knowing the great fulfillment that is at hand as we ascend together into the glory of our True Authentic Selves, bringing our sacred offerings to an awakening humanity and joyously fulfilling our unique roles. We all have many gifts to offer, talents and divine attributes that can make a huge difference in this time. As we uncover the treasures within, so many great blessings are flowing forth to create a truly glorious outcome for all. The future is bright before us, because we all embodied in this time to do this work. Together, we are accomplishing the miraculous and miracles are abounding. It is a great moment in time, maybe one of the greatest, most epic eras the world has ever known.

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